Taking Time to Nourish Yourself is Good for Everyone


Making time to refresh ourselves, whatever that means to you,  can seem like an indulgence in a time where resources are often changing rapidly and in short supply. Taking a “time-out” for ourselves can seem selfish, but it actually a way of giving to our loved ones and those who count on us because WE will be stronger, more calm, clear and capable.

“Burn-out” and exhaustion from too much bus-y-ness and responsabilities today are far too commonplace. During the Pandemic studies are showing that although we don’t need to endure the commute to work anymore or office politics (in thew way we used to) many of us are actually working more hours than ever, while also having to take care of children who are home much more and or aging parents, among other things. How can we make time or refresh ourselves when we feel like we are being pulled in so many different directions?

Just take a deep breath. (Yes even in a mask if you must!)

Now take another.

Slow down. The things that must get done, will. Give yourself permission to pause because you matter too AND a better you will mean better for those you support.

Let your body and mind slow by slowing and deepening your breath. It can be this simple and very powerful.  By creating some internal space and legitimately breathing better, your blood flow and oxygen quality improve which directly impact cognition, executive brain function. Taking just three minutes to consciously deep breath and focus on your breath, can reward you with hours of increased productivity, inspiration and increased calm.

Think of all the hard things you have already done and overcome; whatever you must manage today-you can manage. Stay present. Connect. Breathe.

There are many other ways to create time and space in your day; to refresh ourselves, but we must choose to do so. It does not have to be complicated or time consuming. What will you do for yourself to help yourself refresh your energy and mind today?