Microneedling with InnoPen

InnoPen is a medical precision tool with a unique, dual spring-loaded disposable needle cartridge (InnoTip) that uses an automated, vibrating stamp-like motion to cause micro injury to the skin. The gentle stimulation of fibroblast promotes natural induction of collagen and elastin without the stress of pain and lengthy down time associated with ablative treatments. Micro-channels, resulting from the needles piercing through the skin layers, will aid in infusing therapeutic serums for greater penetration and enhancement of overall efficacy.

Common Questions about Microneedling with Innopen

Is Microneedling safe?

Microneedling has been approved as safe. Over all, microneedling treatments are considered very safe. It’s well tolerated by most skin types, including darker
skin, and is typically less expensive than other similar treatments,
such as laser surgery,

How long does Microneedling take?

The treatment can take anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes depending upon your goals, however you may expect it to take up to two hours before the redness and swelling subsides.

Is Microneedling painful?

Application of a topical anesthetic prior to the treatment makes this procedure relatively pain-free.

What should I do or not do anything before a microneedling treatment?

  • Avoid laser procedures or overexposure to the sun before treatment.
  • Avoid using any products on your skin that increase sensitivity, such as retinoids or exfoliants.
  • Do not shave, wax, or use depilatories before the procedure.

What happens after the Microneedling treatment?

To maximize a positive result and experience after your treatment:

  • Follow medically suggestions provided by your practitioner.
  • Apply any prescribed or recommended topical creams and lotions to keep your skin moisturized and to reduce inflammation.
  • Follow other suggestions as required
  • Avoid abbrassive cleansers and scrubs unless approved by your practitioner