How to choose a good injector for Botox and Filler

Botox and filler can definitely enhance one’s beauty, but choosing the right injector is very important. You want to put your best face forward. Or at least that’s the saying, right?! But whether you’re a seasoned Botox fan or you’re new to the cosmetic injectables game, choosing the right injector for your botox and filler to help you put YOUR best face forward, is key to ensuring optimal results that are best for you.

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Looking for the right injector may seem like an overwhelming task when you are looking to get botox or filler but at the end of the day, this is your face we are talking about so it is important that you find a qualified and more than a capable provider. Let’s take a look at some key considerations to take into account before you start your search.

First, and most importantly, is that your injector MUST be a registered health care professional such as a physician (MD), a nurse (NP, RN or RPN), a physician assistant (PA) or a dentist. Although guidelines differ from province to province, in Canada it is illegal for an unregulated practitioner to perform cosmetic injections. The products used for injections, are considered prescription medications and require a licenced provider to prescribe and administer them. Many injectors will have their degree/diploma visible in their clinic. You may know some of the brand names of these products such as Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane although there are many more as well. 

Second, it is important to inquire about your practitioner’s education in medical aesthetics training, as this training will be in addition to their profession as a physician or nurse. Where and when did they train? Is their training program or trainer reputable? Do they stay current with up-to-date skills, techniques and education? Do they participate in ongoing learning related to their field? These are all questions that your practitioner should be happy to answer for you and provide you with documentation of their training certifications.

Third, do they have some sort of presence online? Whether they have a website or a social media page, being able to view their overall work before booking an appointment is important to be able to assess things like before and after photos with botox and fillers, reviews, clinic location, products, services and treatments offered. Additionally, this online presence should offer you various ways to book an appointment whether it is online, through email or by phone.

Fourth, does your Botox or dermal filler injector offer complimentary consultations? This is key to allowing you the opportunity to not only meet the injector, but also discuss your treatment/skincare goals, concerns, treatment options, budget and to also ask about the injector’s aftercare protocols and any other questions that may be important to you. In addition, this allows you to assess the clinic environment, cleanliness, disinfection and sanitization protocols, Covid-19 screening and guidelines, and the clinic team members.

When considering cosmetic injectables, the right injector can make all the difference in not only your treatment results but more importantly, your overall treatment experience.

Remember to take into account the above considerations and rest assured, you will find the perfect provider for your already perfect face!

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Botox is a form of neuromodulator. There are a wide range of safe and effective products that produce results clients’s love. Botox and Dysport are two commonly known brands but there are others as well.  The benefits of using neuromodulators to enhance appearance is widespan; from reducing crows feet, softening frown lines, brow lifts, lip flips and more offering a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

Fillers also come under a range of names such as Juvederm and Radiesse. Again, there are other brands of this type of product. Enhancements include temple filling, lip fills, cheek filling, non-cosmetic rhinoplasty/nose sculpting and more.