"How did you start injecting?"

I get asked this question all the time – “How did you start injecting?”, “What made you decide to get into medical aesthetics and botox and all that stuff?”, “How the hell did you end up in this profession?”

And the answer to all those questions is simply, I truly believe this is what I was just meant to do.

I started my nursing career in 2001 and graduated with my B.Sc.N in 2005 but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to be independently responsible for my own patients and not have to wait on the MD to give me directives. To say the least, I didn’t really want to always have to answer to someone for my decisions because I felt confident enough in my knowledge and skill to know I was making the right ones for my patients.

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 So I carried on with my education path and increased my marks by completing a second degree in Health Sciences, my B.HSc. This allowed me to apply to a Master’s & Nurse Practitioner Program and so began my true Nursing journey. I went to school in Buffalo, NY and commuted every week to attend class. 

I had my first son during this time and managed to juggle the ups and downs of being a new mom with the stress and excitement of completing my post-graduate education. When I graduated with my Master’s in Nursing & Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate in 2010, I started working out on Reserve with First Nations populations in a Primary Care setting and when I returned from my third maternity leave in 2016 (that’s right, I’ve birthed and kept alive 3 tiny humans) I registered for training course in injectables and the rest is history, well not really but this is the history behind the beginning of my medical aesthetics journey.

When I first started injecting it was probably the scariest and most challenging experience I’ve had, other than becoming a mother. But I absolutely fell in love with culture of this field of work and the other amazing practitioners who are out there and doing what they love as well. This is truly my happy medicine and being able to provide a service to clients that can be completely life-changing is what continues to drive my passion for this industry. It always amazes me how a small amount of product, whether it’s Botox or Dermal Filler or skincare, can make such a difference for someone because, let’s face it, we are our own worst critics and when we can do something for ourselves that makes us feel amazing on the outside, we just radiate that confidence and joy on the inside too. That is why the hell I do this because it brings me joy to bring other people joy, and what a great philosophy in life to have: bring joy to others. It’s simple really, and what better way to live your own life by doing things that also bring you joy – it’s a win-win.